Bottoms Up

Many of you have noticed me drinking my favorite beverage over the past year, and consequently I've received a ton of questions about Kombucha: What does it taste like? Is it green tea? Is it gross? Is it like soda? Why drink it?

I'll tell you a little story. Last year, my dad was battling stomach cancer and having a hard time swallowing food and liquids, including water. You can imagine how frustrating (not to mention dangerous) it was for him to not be getting any nutritional value- like being forced into starvation. Huge issue. Well, someone turned him onto a fermented mushroom tea concotion called Kombucha, and surprisingly, it was the only thing he could swallow. He couldn't even swallow water, but this crazy drink somehow went down and gave him energy. We were all ecstatic. My parents' fridge was full of this stuff. So eventually I gave it a try.... and LOVED it!

This isn't to say you'll automatically love it, though. My mom claims it tastes like vinegar and won't go near it. Kevin thinks the mushroom strain artifacts that settle at the bottom of the bottle are a little icky. And even if you're interested, it's hard to find- the only markets I've ever seen carry the Kombucha brand I like are Whole Foods and Wild Oats. But I'm a total believer that anything that helped my dad that much has gotta be some kind of wonder drink. Plus, I think it tastes yummy!

Do a little online research and you'll discover how many people believe Kombucha improves health in a variety of ways. I should mention that no solid medical research I know of supports many of these claims, and I'm certainly not trying to speculate beyond my own knowledge of medicine and disease. But as someone who has battled sinus problems and skin allergies my whole life, I can honestly say I'm feeling healthier from drinking Kombucha. Am I imagining it? Maybe, but I know my dad wasn't.