Celluloid Lane: Sin City

My, my. Where do I begin?

I've had unreasonably high hopes for "Sin City" ever since I watched that fabulous trailer. But it's not like graphic novels-turned-movies have impeccable track records on the big screen, so imagine my concern going into this.

For lack of a more eloquent explanation, "Sin City" freaking rules.

Remember the first time you saw "Pulp Fiction"? You were unnerved and at times downright repelled, but you admitted that it was the freshest, most original thing to be put into a theater since... ever, and you couldn't wait to talk about how amazing it was with everyone you knew? "Sin City" is kind of like that.


So I'm having a hard time explaining this movie, because it's exactly like reading a Frank Miller graphic novel panel by panel, except that the images move. So let's do Q&A instead.

1. Is "Sin City" a family movie?
- Heavens no. It's incredibly graphic and gruesome. I know YOU'RE into that, but don't bring the kids.

2. What's the plot all about?
- It's complicated. But if you're familiar with Frank Miller, "Sin City" the movie primarily reinacts 3 of his original stories: "The Hard Goodbye", "The Big Fat Kill", and "That Yellow Bastard".

3. Can I expect a love story?

- Yes.

4. Can I expect nudity?
- Yes.

5. Can I expect to laugh?
- Yes, although you might feel inappropriate when you do.

6. Does the all-star cast detract from the story at all?
- Refreshingly, no. No one character is the main star, it's more like a bunch of supporting roles. Great supporting roles. These actors are stoked.

7. I hear Robert Rodriguez directed "Sin City". What's his deal?
- Robert Rodriguez is a well-respected force in Hollywood (El Mariachi, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spy Kids), but Frank Miller co-directed the project from start to finish. The collaboration kept the story eerily true to the comic. Quentin Tarantino guest directed as well.

8. Are we talking CG animation or live action?
- Almost all the live action was done with green screens and props, then the magic was painted in later. It's amazing.

9. But I'm not into comic books.

- I'm not either. It doesn't matter. This is cinematic history.

10. I was pleased to see lots of hot chicks in the trailer. Can I expect more of that?

- You sure can, my friend! But they'll also chop your head off. Literally.