Kids Remember the Darndest Things

Do you ever suddenly recall certain things from your childhood that you can't believe you haven't forgotten? Perhaps a particular scent that catapults you back to Christmas, 1983? Or maybe a song comes on the radio and you're suddently making a u-turn at a certain intersection in a certain car in a town you used to live in? Mine often aren't of much importance, but they surface every now and then and cause me to marvel at own my quirky memory...

...Such as the list of rules posted inside my elementary school bus. I must have read them a thousand times (it was a long bus ride).

1. Remain Seated
2. Obey the Driver
3. Be Polite and Talk Softly
4. No Eating
5. No Fighting, Pushing, Tripping
6. No Throwing Things, No Swearing
7. No Body Parts Outside the Bus
8. No Lighting Matches
9. No Playing with Bus Equipment
10. No Pets or Dangerous Objects on Bus

Even as a kid, I thought certain rules were grouped rather curiously. Aren't matches considered dangerous objects? What does swearing have to do with throwing things? Who made this list? And why did my brain choose to keep it in the vault?