Damn Good Website: ourmedia.org

**UPDATE2** "TheGuy" now boasts the all-time most popular media with the Sarah Lane WebCam Timelapse!

**UPDATE** Here's a fun Ourmedia submission I came across. Thanks, "TheGuy"!

If you're looking for a safe place to digitally store your personal videos, pictures, text, and audio clips, consider Ourmedia, a non-profit online library that'll take virtually any file and host it for free, forever. Think of it as an Internet Archive for your and my average joe material... in fact, it's through a partnership with the Internet Archive that Ourmedia has the server space to host all our crap!

Besides free media hosting, Ourmedia's bigger mission is to encourage swapping, sharing, and collaboration of media between its users. Copyrighted material is still a gray area, but as long as you like a community feel, this site has great potential.