Quit Yer Sniveling

So here's a secret: I refuse to participate in the Mac vs. PC debate. Not that I don't have a few opinions on the subject or anything (I have an opinion about EVERY SUBJECT EVER). I just think it's a boring, played-out conversation. What's to bicker about? Get online, do your business, play with your programs of choice, customize your system, IM, and be happy you're not living under a rock like your parents.

With that said, some guy I don't know named Marcus Vorwaller recently had to switch from a Mac to a PC for a new job. After he realized he would live to tell the tale, he posted his handy collection of tips for OS X users to make the smoothest possible transition over to Windows, should their fates ever be so cruel. Yay for Marcus. I'll be featuring a couple of 'em on today's Attack of the Show!

PS- No, Mom, of course you don't live under a rock. It was just a sweeping generalization.