The Yay Area

So I'm in the middle of moving, and you know what that does to free time and and an abundance of blog posts. Apologies to all who come here for my witty prose, only to find the same old links from a fortnight ago. After next week, I'll have a new place to rest my weary head and things will pick up around here. Until then, I'll be lifting with my legs.

Want to know what else I'm doing lately, and when? Ok. Tonight I'm heading back up to SF for the first time in FOREVER to cause a ruckus at an old favorite local haunt. Tomorrow I'll weep tears of joy as my dear friend Kerry weds her dashing fiance Sacha. Then I'll watch the Giants spank the Mets at Pac Bell on Sunday. It's going to be the best weekend ever, and I'm thrilled to be (almost) back home!! Bring on the fog!