All the News That's Fit to Print

First off, I realize that this is April 1st. But I assure you, the following is not a joke...just very coincidental timing.

I'm delighted to fill you all in on some extremely exciting news. I'm getting married! Those of you who follow AOTS, my moblog and the SarahCam may have already figured out that his name is Brendan Moran. Yes, that Brendan Moran. We've known each other for many years through TechTV and then G4, and our timing has finally worked out. Without getting too sappy on y'all, I'll just say that when you know, you know.

Brendan and I will be tying the knot in mid-May, in a beautiful spot not too far away from where I grew up. About ten days later, the two of us will be en route over the Atlantic Ocean, embarking on what could be considered a super-extended honeymoon that will span several continents and last about 13 months. I've always, always wanted to travel the world, and now I'm lucky enough to do it with him by my side.

So... it's with mixed feelings that I announce both Brendan's and my departure from Attack of the Show. We're starting a brand-new chapter of our lives and have both agreed that there's no better time to satisfy our wanderlust than as newlyweds! It's pretty much the coolest first year of marriage I could imagine. Somebody pinch me! Actually, don't.

G4 has known about our plans for some time now, and the company has been truly supportive toward our future endeavors while they've auditioned for our replacements. Though I haven't personally met the folks they've chosen, I've heard really good things. You'll get to know them soon.

I hope you all continue to support the show, the awesome production team behind the show, and the new additions to the show. A fabulous group of talented people work on both sides of the AOTS camera. Even though I've decided to move on, I believe in them all and I'll be rooting for their continued success. I've been extremely lucky, have had unbelievable opportunities, and I'm sorry to say goodbye to a lot of true friends. But they're always welcome to come visit Brendan and me out in Siberia for New Year's Eve! Wooooooo!!

Yes, I'm kidding. I believe we'll be in southern India.

Anyway, that's the scoop. Never one to be away from a computer for long, I'll be blogging regularly throughout our adventure with the Macbook Pro, and Brendan and I will both be shooting as much video as we can from some pretty amazing locales. So this really isn't much of a sayonara after all, my friends, just some good news in the continuing Sarah Lane saga. Or should I say the Sarah Moran saga? Many more details to come...