New Chapter Musings

Well, this is it.. my last day at Attack of the Show! Even my desk is all packed up (except for all the crap I didn't want to pack up which is still sitting in a dusty pile for the next victim to inherit).

I've been getting a ton of questions about my depature from G4, my marriage, my world tour, stuff like that. So I thought I'd address a few of your FAQs here.

Q: I understand you're getting married, but why leave the show too? Why can't you have both?

A: Now that Brendan and I are officially growing up and beginning the rest of our lives together, our priorities are changing, too. Going on a world trip is an opportunity most people never have, so we consider ourselves part of a small, very lucky tribe. Obviously, when you go away for over a year, TV goes on without you. And that's ok. I'm proud to be choosing personal enrichment over a paycheck for a little while. Life's for livin!

Q: Where will you go?

A: We're going to be trekking through over 20 different countries. The first six months are already set in stone. We're planning out the second six as I type! When that's finalized, I'll post the details here.

Q: How will you keep in touch with your fans?

A: It starts here at "sarah. word." Which will be going through a facelift very soon, btw. I'm really stoked to experiment with a variety of media as a way to keep in touch with you, whether it be travel tales, photos, video, even podcasting. Some of this stuff will be completely new to me (I believe I've been quoted as saying I'd never start a podcast.. whoopsie), and some techniques will undoubtedly prove more successful than others. It'll be an ongoing project and learning experiment, and a challenge I'm thrilled to take on!

Q: Will you miss Kevin Pereira?

A: Yeah. Kevin is a good friend of mine. I really love that guy, and I thank him for being the best damn co-host ever. I also have no doubt he and I will keep in touch, so I refuse to say goodbye to him. :)

A special shout-out to the folks at AOTS and X-Play (gotta represent the OGs), and everyone in makeup, wardrobe, in the control room, and on the studio floor. These are the people who worked hard every day to make my job look easy. Thanks for the memories, amigos.

Anyway, Brendan's my last AOTS is just a couple hours away, so I better go eat some cake. I'm pretty sure the studio crew members have bets riding on whether or not I'm gonna cry. Tune in for all the fun!