Many of you are already familiar with sarah.word.'s sister site, sarah.on the run. But for those of you just tuning in, things will be slowing down around here as I finally get up and "running," so to speak. Hardy har.

Unfortunately, I think sarah.pic. is also going to suffer during my world travels. Reliable worldwide service just isn't on T-Mobile's roster yet, and I sort of hate my Sidekick II anyway. I want to thank Textamerica for being awesome hosts for my camera pics all these years, especially the handsome and intelligent Jade. You guys are awesome.

But the good news is alive and well in the adventure just beginning for me and my brand-new husband!

Our new main site will be "", complete with photos, contact info, FAQs, and links to:

sarah. on the run. - Sarah's travel blog

Brendan Moran's Exciting Travel Adventures - Brendan's travel blog

The Traveling Morans- Our future Pulitzer Prize-winning video podcast

This site will stay up and I will certainly check in periodically, but I think it's safe to say the commotion will be elsewhere until I have a desk job again.

Hope you guys enjoy our adventure! I'm pretty sure you will.