A Trip Down Blogging's Memory Lane

In 2003, when I decided to make the leap from "strictly behind the scenes producer" to "producer but now also timidly standing in front of the camera because I'm hoping I'm good at it" while working on a show called "The Screen Savers" on TechTV, I needed an angle for myself. So I chose blogging. Back then, blogging wasn't exactly new and unusual, but it didn't have the mainstream online presence it has today. To most of the world, calling yourself a blogger was still geeky and exotic - the sort of thing parents didn't understand.

The segment, which I creatively dubbed "The Blog Report", didn't really last long, not because blogging wasn't interesting, but because after a few weeks there often wasn't much to say besides "here's another interesting blog by some guy using Movable Type". I shifted my energy toward other TV features and that was that.

But thinking back just now, I had a little pang of sadness for that poor, unloved, forgotten Blog Report. So without too much hunting around Google, I found the first web article I published to accompany my very first foray into  what may someday be considered a lucrative television career. Awww. Quaint, isn't it? My, how we've all grown. Well, not literally. I haven't grown an inch since 8th grade, though I've lost a couple inches in the chest since those initially promising puberty years. And I'm really kind of bitter about that, to be honest with you.