Let's Never Buy Toilet Paper Again!

Got a cool tip from Leo's Jaiku feed today: Amazon Subscribe and Save. It works well for grocery items you find yourself regularly stocking up on, like vitamins, or baby diapers, or razors, or toilet paper - things you know you'll need, and don't want to run out of.

According to Amazon, the benefits include:

  • A delivery schedule that fits your needs--every one, two, three, or six months
  • Discounts on our everyday price, whether you subscribe for a single month or for years
  • Free shipping
  • E-mail reminders of upcoming shipments
  • The flexibility to change your schedule or cancel at any time

What's nice is that there's a big selection of items, often at better-than-grocery-store prices. For example, I love Seventh Generation products, and I get a better deal through Amazon than I would at Whole Foods.

I'm wondering though... how is the merchandise delivered? If my box of Clif bars shows up inside an additional Amazon shipping box, the extra packaging seems a little wasteful, doesn't it? At least I can recycle my grocery bags over and over at the store.