Reasons Why I Don't Do It

22. I'm not an entrepreneur.
21. I have no experience.
20. I hate my hair.
19. It's daunting.
18. I'm too tired.
17. I fear change.
16. I don't like schmoozing.
15. I have nothing to wear.
14. I have to work out.
13. I'm too shy.
12. I'm too short.
11. I'm too old.
10. I don't know Perl.
9. I'm too busy.
8. Ok, I'm too lazy.
7. My pores are too big.
6. It's so far to drive.
5. And gas is expensive.
4. It's a waste of time.
3. It's a gamble.
2. It's crazy.
1. I'm afraid of rejection.