The Master Cleanse: Day Three

I think I've had a bit of a breakthrough. Today my food cravings are totally muted. I still wish I could eat a sourdough loaf in seven seconds, but it's more of a faraway, nostalgic feeling than a day-ruining, "I'm going to die if I don't stuff my face, sir, so please hand over your lunch" yearning. I'm also the least spaced out I've been so far, and no headaches!

This afternoon I forced myself to go into Whole Foods to stock up on grade B maple syrup and buy 4,000 more lemons. Yesterday I might have cried while walking past the fresh tamales, but today I kept my composure. The deli area smelled incredible, but I was able to appreciate the aromas without feeling like I needed to put the aromas in my stomach. It's a weird sensation, and a little hard to explain. I guess I just feel disconnected from food, not unlike how I felt when I first gave up red meat and gradually stopped craving Sequoia cheeseburgers.

Now that I've discovered the Master Cleanse forums, I'm obsessed with how everyone else is doing. A lot of people fall off the wagon, but just as many make it through the full ten days (or more), and everyone who succeeds is extremely proud. Many of them are looking to drop a lot of weight, which seems a bit misguided to me. I mean, clearly we're all losing a few pounds by not eating, but it's going to come back eventually, right? Maybe if the fast helps people lose the urge to eat unhealthy food going forward, it can be the start of new habits.

Tomorrow I'm back at work, which should be interesting. I've been spoiled over the long, stress-free weekend, but the real test is about to begin. Wish me luck.