The Master Cleanse: Day Four

I had an especially stressful day at work today, almost as if the gods felt I deserved to suffer for getting Labor Day off. That said, my Master Cleanse progress continues to go well. I was really worried that I'd get to work and freak out or break down or throw a lemon at someone, but I didn't. I did, however, manage to spill enough maple syrup on my brand-new desk that ants will probably be drawn to it for the duration of my employment.

I definitely wasn't hungry at all today. I saw someone eating a cookie and it depressed me briefly, but the moment passed. I'm finding that a total of seven servings (112 oz.) of lemonade and lots of water in between easily gets me through the day. Yes, I have to pee every 2.5 minutes, but at least I'm satiated. I'm throwing lots of cayenne pepper in there, too, just to make things interesting. It pays to like spicy food when fasting. And I'll take all the entertainment I can get.