The Master Cleanse: Day Six

I had one less serving of lemonade today, which was a relief, because I'm getting tired of squeezing lemons. Today was a bit of a challenge. Someone stocked our office kitchen with microwave popcorn and the smell almost drove me insane. If there's one food I like almost as much as nachos, it's popcorn. Life is so cruel.

Dramatics aside, I'm fine. I miss food terribly, but no real issues to speak of. I've lost a few lbs and my face is starting to look gaunt, though I'm sure I'll plump right back up once I start bathing in sourdough rolls and brie again. I have to say that my "food" allergy (itchy skin, gets flushed easily) hasn't disappeared at all, which leads me to think that it's not actually food that's the culprit, but something else entirely. Great. I know I have four days left, but I was hoping for more results by now.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track, still negative on the eliminations. Booooooring.