'Tis the Season To Be Phlegmy

Hi all. Sorry about the silence in 2008, though I kind of have an excuse. I've come down with a chest cold. I know, boo hoo.


Have you ever had eye pain when you looked in any extreme direction? I've got that, and I've had it before. The first time was in high school, and two days later I came down with the chicken pox. IN HIGH SCHOOL. It was not pretty, people. The second time I developed a month-long bout of bronchitis. So you can imagine my hesitation to wake up tomorrow.

Thankfully, it's Friday night and I have nothing to do this weekend, California is experiencing its biggest storm in years so I'm expected to stay indoors, VH1 has decided to abandon all programming that isn't America's Next Top Model marathons (we're on Cycle 8), and the cats are being really cute. It could be worse.