It's Just a Kiss Away

Has anyone else noticed a surge in usage of The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" in film soundtracks over the last few years? Maybe it's just a case of standard probability. I've been stuck inside with The Cruel, Cruel Cold for three days now, and I've watched roughly 1,700 On Demand movies. I guess I was bound to hear it a few times.

Where I've come across it, in case you're wondering:

  • Opening sequence in "The Departed"
  • Sex/kidnapping scene in "Layer Cake"
  • I forget which part in "The War"

I should add that in my mucus-laden opinion, "Gimme Shelter" is the best Rolling Stones song ever recorded, so I'm not complaining. Just bored out of my skull and noticing the little things.

Because it goes nicely with my currently feverish state, here's "Gimme Shelter" dubbed over the ending scene of "Taxi Driver". Though Martin Scorcese obviously loves the song and has used it in several of his movies, it wasn't originally featured in this one. Works nicely though, doesn't it? Oh, and don't watch if you're under 17. And if you do, it's only ketchup.