A Lifelong Curse of Mistaken Identity

Ever since I signed myself up for a Gmail account in 2004, I've gotten bizarre, out-of-context emails intended for some other person named Sarah Lane. I realize that both 'Sarah' and 'Lane' are common names, but still. Seems like a lot. And I'm not talking spam or anything. You can tell that these are actual people who just somehow got that other Sarah Lane's addy wrong. For example, I received the following email earlier today (names have been omitted to protect the innocent):


THank you all for your interest in Spanish!

Our Monday class has filled up in the blink of an eye and I have
organized a second class to happen on Thursday at the same time 3 till

Would that be OK for your little ones? If not, we probaby ask for some of the Monday students to switch.

I have your names confirmed for a start on Thursday NOv 6th and if there is any problem , let me know.

Also if you have not send the form to me yet, please at least let me
know which class they are in and if there are going to be picked up or
stay at afterschool.

THank you!

(my response):

Hi, you have the wrong email address for Sarah Lane. Please check her address. Thx.

(innocent's response):

Apologies, I used what was on the form. Can you confirm Thursday is OK for Christopher?


This confused correspondence went on a little longer, but you get the gist. And since I'm out of ideas, I'll just go ahead and say YES, Thursday is ok for Christopher. Thursday is ALWAYS ok for Christopher. But I really do prefer that you check with his mother, Sarah Lane. The one who signed up for Gmail too late to get the cooler Sarah Lane-based email address. ZING! (yep, never going to grow up)