This WEEK in FUN

Recently I posted a video of my friend and colleague Leo Laporte teaching me how to operate his Tricaster setup in the TWiT cottage. It was a complicated (and humbling!) tutorial.

Leo gave me his blessing to "take over" the cottage while he takes a much-needed vacation over the holidays - a generous offer, considering my limited knowledge of the Tricaster. But one that I could not refuse. So my old pal Martin Sargent and I decided to have a little fun!

My friends, I present to you... This WEEK in FUN #1 (shoot date 12/18/08):

But wait, there's more! Martin and I had so much FUN with TWiF #1 that we decided to shoot another "show." (what can I say... we love to hear ourselves talk)

Keeping in mind that the actual "show" doesn't start until roughly one-third of the way in, my friends, I present to you... This WEEK in FUN #2 with bonus guest: the lovely and talented DemoGirl! (shoot date 12/21/08):

Big thanks to the folks at for hosting these files!