popSiren Launches!

You know your brain is made of Jarlsberg when your mom calls you up to tell you how much she likes your new show, popSiren, and you realize that you were so busy that you neglected to mention anything about it, to anyone, ever. Sorry Mom.

So I'm mentioning it now! I'd love for you to watch my new show, popSiren! New episodes come out every Thursday at 3 pm Eastern, 12 pm Pacific. If you like what you see, you can subscribe here (click the subscription options tab for a bunch of choices) and automatically receive the show each week.

Show ideas, suggestions, criticisms, praise, and light to moderate hate mail should go to popsiren@revision3.com. Just kidding about the hate mail. Don't need no hateration or holleration
in this dancery
. But feedback is most appreciated.

It's good to be back! Check us out: