Nine Months?

Below is an excerpt from a recent list from one of my favorite bloggers, Penelope Trunk, about realizing whether or not we're avoiding personal growth in our careers:

3. You have never had a long-term relationship.

If you have never been in a relationship for more than nine months,
then you have not let anyone really see you. Nine months is how long it
takes for that crazy, being in love feeling to wear off. (There should
be a link here, but it would be to my therapist, who told me in last
week’s session.) So after getting through nine months the clouds
dissipate and you start to see your true self reflected back to you
from someone who knows you well. Before that, it’s pretty easy to cover
up your true self. You can manage personal development much more
effectively if you are looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes.
It always feels different because you can’t hide from the stuff that
you wish would go away.

What do you think? I've never heard the maturation of love described this way before. Is nine months the magic number? I'd like to think that every relationship is different, but maybe she's onto something here.

By the way, I've been (slowly) working on a new blog design. I haven't forgotten about the counting songs list, or that I have a blog, or that I should use it more often. No sir. I just need a new design to get inspired again! Like new shoes. Which I also need.