Sarah's First Flip HD Video

Thanks so much to the Flip folks for sending me a unit to review! It's small, it's sleek, and while it's no Canon 5D Mark II, the quality's still pretty great for the size. Can't wait to take it outside and test colors. $209 at Amazon!

I also caved and bought myself a year of Vimeo Plus ($60) so that I could embed HD videos here. Turns out that with Vimeo's basic account, the only place you can watch HD videos is on that video's page at Vimeo, which is totally unacceptable to me if I'm embedding that video elsewhere. Why shoot in HD if you can only embed in SD? Anyway, I've upgraded. You win, Vimeo. Good thing I like your service so much.

Here's my second Flip HD video, shot outside and ribbed for your viewing pleasure.