THIS WEEK in FUN Episode 3!

As I promised on Twitter, here's video from Martin's and my latest episode of THIS WEEK in FUN (TWiF). Click the image below for the full video.

Sarah Lane & Martin Sargent: TWiF 3

Leo and the TWiT team don't have the resources to edit and host our TWiF episodes just yet, so the awesome folks at have been archiving them for us. The only problem is that the start/stop time of the show is a little off since we got going later than expected and weren't telling anyone exactly when to hit "record". I'll figure out a way to rectify that in future shows.

But here's the good news: we've gotten so much positive feedback and requests for more, regular episodes of TWiF that we're going to try to bring the show to you on a weekly basis, starting this Friday, January 30th, at 3 PM PST at! Set your calendars, bitches! And hey, thanks for the support! I'm really pleased with the response so far.

For those of you who can't tune in to watch the live feed (which is ideal, but not always possible), I'll work on some sort of external harddrive>video transfer>show post method for TWiF 4. Suggestions are welcome!

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