net@night episode 87!

Recently I got an email from Amber Macarthur asking me if I wouldn't mind filling in for her for a few weeks on net@night, the weekly internet-centric program she hosts with Leo Laporte. The reason? She was just days away from giving birth to her son, Connor, and (rightly) figured her free time would be compromised juuuuust a tad.

I was happy to oblige because I 1) love net@night, and 2) respect Amber's work a lot. We obviously have a ton in common and I find many similarities in our respective career paths. Isn't it funny that we've never actually met in person?

Click on the image below for the full video, or visit net@night's website for an mp3 version, plus links to everything we talked about in the show. It was a huge pleasure to talk to this episode's guest, David Allen, author of "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity". (You can thank David for all those "GTD" references people makes nowadays!)

I'm excited to co-host next week's net@night, too! Please tune in! Oh, and isn't the above frame grab cute? It's like Leo and I are looking at each other, even though we were about 50 miles apart - he in his cottage, and me on my bed!