This WEEK in FUN episode 6!

You asked for it (well, some of you anyway), so here's the latest TWiF: Ep 6! Click the image below for the full video. As always, thanks to the folks at for posting the video. Also, I hope you're enjoying my screen captures. Man, I make some hideous faces, don't I? Keeps me young. :)

And now, a request. Martin, Leo, and I want very much to make TWiF a regular show, with sponsors, downloadable video if you miss it, an RSS feed, the works. The only thing that holds us back is a lack of resources. The TWiT folks are really busy with their current shows, but we're trying to figure out a good solution. Although linking you to the above video is definitely better than nothing, it's time we step things up a notch (and take the pressure off of to do the work for us!). If you're enjoying the show, let us know, will ya? And thanks to everyone who's written in already!