Sarah Hosts The Digg Reel!

Last week I let you all on a little secret: that Revision3 missed me enough to ask me to guest-host an episode of The Digg Reel. We even took some behind-the-scenes footage during my visit! Well, the episode's been released, so I'm posting it now. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

I'm telling you, hosting a program in the very pajamas you rolled out of bed in that morning is an ever-so-satisfying affair. If you enjoy this episode, will you kindly re-post it and share it with everyone you know, everywhere? Nothing would tickle me more than Revision3 having to admit that I, the talented and employable Sarah Lane, continue to bring them spectacular traffic. BITCHES GET THINGS DONE. DEAL WITH IT.


Sarah "popSiren, small p big S" Lane