net@night Episode 93!

Hey all, some good news in the world of net@night: although Amber has taken the reigns back after a bit of maternity leave, she and Leo have asked me to be a part of the show on a weekly basis! Pretty cool. I know I owe it to all of you who sent in really positive feedback during the episodes I guest-hosted. Thanks!

I'm thrilled about staying with the show because 1) net@night is 100% my content forte, a dream show really, and 2) Amber and Leo are two of the best people I could ask to hang out with and talk about the web on a regular basis.

Here's this week's show (complete with a guest appearance from the lovely iJustine). I hop in right after the CoverItLive interview, just past the halfway mark. Leo likes to make it seem like i'm just *dying* to get in on the show, even though they told me to call at a specific time and then didn't pick up. :) Click on the image below for the full video (I couldn't resist this screen cap... see how gaga I am over Amber?)

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