The Digg Reel - An Intergalactic Experience

So, the folks at Revision3 asked if I'd guest-host this week's Digg Reel, and I was again happy to oblige.

A little background on why in this particular episode I come off like a psycho: 1) I actually am a psycho, 2) as I was writing my lines late one night, I randomly threw in an incredibly corny spaceship-themed joke and made myself myself laugh and it just snowballed from there and I couldn't stop. I actually woke up the next day thinking it would be a good idea TO HOST THE SHOW AS IF I WAS LIVING IN OUTER SPACE. I'm not kidding. This is how nonsensical my sense of humor actually is. You should get a load of some of my self-rejected material. Actually you shouldn't. I assume you like me and I don't want to give you nightmares.

The day of the shoot I even tore through my closet looking for anything slightly resembling a Star Trek outfit. Clearly I didn't have much to work with, but I applaud my effort. ;)

Some of my favorite comments about this episode on the Rev3 message boards so far:

Wow .. I really don't like you at all .. Except for the looks maybe

ahh sarah... i'd hit it

please keep sarah lane off any and all revision3 shows, she ... well, isn't great :S

As a leg man, I approve those Jeans!

I'm telling you, these boards are THE BEST!