This Week in FUN: big news!

Hey, have you heard the good word? This Week in Fun is an official podcast, and we have you to thank. Thanks!

Q: What do I do if I haven't done anything yet?

A: Excellent question!

Subscribe to the series here (don't worry, back episodes will be added ASAP) : TWiF:

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As of this blog post date, we're #25 on iTunes Top Podcasts, which is pretty freaking awesome.

To all those who watch our live stream every Friday at 3 pm Pacific, don't worry, we're still live and direct! It's just that if you can't make the time, you can download the file and listen at your leisure. Oh, and video is 100% on the way. Audio's just the beginning. Great news all around.

Thanks to everyone who's supported Martin and me thus far (especially Leo and the TWiT team who help us do our thing every week... you guys are the best).