yellowBird: I think we're in the future now

Easily the coolest camera I’ve seen… ever? Yeah, I think ever. Created by a company called yellowBird (here’s their back story), the six-lens camera acts a lot like Google Streetview in the way the user can drag the image up/down/left/right, but in the form of motion video, rather than a still camera. The result? A true 360 degree, spherical video that can be viewed from any angle during playback! The yellowBird technology section explains that their cameras capture 1200 megabit per second video, which is then saved in an uncompressed format and viewable via a flash-like player most people are comfortable using. An adjacent surround sound mic records 96 khz audio.

WANTxINFINITY! Oh, and bonus points for the MAY-JAH beats in the video. What are the Euro kids calling it these days? House? Progressive house? Breakbeat house? Emo piano house? Ah, well.