Break out the bubbly... I'm joining TWiT!!!

I have some very exciting news. As many of you delicious TWiT fans are already well aware, I’m joining the team!

A little background on how this came to be, presented in a helpful vertical timeline format:

2001 - Leo Laporte and I begin working together on the daily, live, hour-long tech help/how-to/entertainment show “The Screen Savers” on San Francisco-based cable network TechTV.

2004 - TechTV is sold to Comcast who merges it into Los Angeles-based cable network G4. Leo begins working at G4TechTV in Canada and he and I talk about me joining him there vs. moving to LA to work for G4. For a variety of reasons (one being that I’m not Canadian and somehow unqualified to work at this particular Toronto-based network, and BTW nobody’s ever heard this part of the story before), I move to LA.

2004/5 - Leo begins experimenting with podcasting as an alternative to traditional broadcasting, laying the foundation for what will eventually be known as, the internet’s tech network and a true pioneer of both subscription-based audio/video downloads and live streaming content.

2007 - After a couple years in LA and another year abroad, I settle back in San Francisco and Leo and I talk about how I might be a good fit to work at TWiT. At the time I also have an offer from then-emerging internet TV network Revision3, founded by a group of my former colleagues and friends who’ve just received enough funding to pay me a salary to help build out their empire. Long story short, I take the job at Revision3.

2008 - The morning after my first ever appearance on’s flagship show, “This Week in Tech”, Revision3 drastically reduces its in-house budget by laying off a group of employees, me included. Leo and I resume our conversation about how I can come aboard at TWiT and I begin training on the Tricaster, the live camera/audio/graphics switching system Leo uses to run his shows. As both a fun side project and vehicle for technical practice, fellow TechTV/G4/Revision3 alum Martin Sargent and I begin recording the weekly, ridiculous, awesome show “This Week in Fun” on the TWiT network.

2009 - Having gone back and forth on a variety of partnership and show ideas, Leo is hesitant to bring me into a staff position at due to a recession-fueled, volatile online advertising market. There are no hard feelings; it’s a tough time for web companies in general. We agree to keep our options open as the year progresses, and I accept a job offer from Current TV to build out their tech video presence on the web. In the meantime, I continue to record “This Week in Fun” at TWiT.

February 24th, 2010 - Current TV decides to focus on its cable TV franchises and cuts much of the web production budget, including my Tech channel. Later that day, Leo and I spark back up our years-long conversation of working together again.

June 1st, 2010 - I will join TWiT as a host, show producer, ass-kicker and name-taker. Leo and I are launching an iPad-based show, which will not only be focused on the best little gadget this side of ANYTHING, but will mark an exciting departure from the current TWiT in-studio format. Can you say “live streaming poolside”? Just kidding. Actually I’m not kidding.

I’ll also be co-hosting a show about green technology with my former TechTV colleague, friend, and new fellow TWiT kicker/taker Tom Merritt. It’s been a long time since Tom and I worked together, and I can’t think of a smarter, cooler guy to partner with on a variety of projects going forward. I’m really excited to see what unfolds.

Today - What we’re about to embark on at TWiT is new and fresh and here and now, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tinge of that old gang starting to get back together again. It’s what I’ve secretly always wanted and it finally feels like it’s happening. Plus, I love the TWiT team, love love love them, what they’ve achieved thus far, and what we’re all about to create. I’m so proud and lucky to be a part of TWiT’s next chapter, and I hope you’ll all come along for the ride.

I’ll be co-hosting “This Week in Tech” this Sunday with Leo and Tom and we’ll talk more about the awesomeness then, along with Carol Bartz’s potty mouth issues. Definitely tune in for more info…or perish, alone and penniless. Up to you.

As always I’ll keep you guys up to date any big announcements here. Thanks for reading! I’ve been sitting on this news for too long, and I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you. I’m really, really happy, and I hope you are too.

Sincerely, Cordially, Affectionately,

PS- To be clear, if you watch any of my future shows on TWiT, you are automatically labeled “delicious” in my Internet Rolodex.