Sarah's Question #1: Facebook Etiquette

So I was about to sit down yesterday and write a long diatribe about some of my lingering social networking questions, but then I thought, oh what the hell- I'd rather just say it out loud. I know I rambled a little too long (what can I say? I'm a yapper). I'll shoot for no more than 90 seconds next time, and maybe use Seesmic so you guys can comment with video? Thanks in advance for your participation! Oh, and I already know that my nose looks like it's made of silly putty, but I also have an excellent sense of smell, so there.

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Nine Months?

Below is an excerpt from a recent list from one of my favorite bloggers, Penelope Trunk, about realizing whether or not we're avoiding personal growth in our careers:

3. You have never had a long-term relationship.
If you have never been in a relationship for more than nine months, then you have not let anyone really see you. Nine months is how long it takes for that crazy, being in love feeling to wear off. (There should be a link here, but it would be to my therapist, who told me in last week’s session.) So after getting through nine months the clouds dissipate and you start to see your true self reflected back to you from someone who knows you well. Before that, it’s pretty easy to cover up your true self. You can manage personal development much more effectively if you are looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes. It always feels different because you can’t hide from the stuff that you wish would go away.

What do you think? I've never heard the maturation of love described this way before. Is nine months the magic number? I'd like to think that every relationship is different, but maybe she's onto something here.

By the way, I've been (slowly) working on a new blog design. I haven't forgotten about the counting songs list, or that I have a blog, or that I should use it more often. No sir. I just need a new design to get inspired again! Like new shoes. Which I also need.

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Legitimate Questions, Part Two

I've been asking the following question for years, and have yet to be satisfied with a decent answer:

  • At a major league baseball game, does the batter himself pick the particular song the stadium plays as he walks up to the plate, or is a random song designed to perk up the crowd, and not to be associated with the batter specifically?

I ask this because sometimes the song choices are kind of bizarre. Obscure country tunes, for example. Not exactly an obvious genre to get people on their feet. Or songs in Spanish. Yes, I realize that quite a few major league baseball players originally hail from Spanish-speaking countries, but wouldn't it be a little presumptuous to go Spanish unless the player asked you to? What if you picked a really crappy song and put them in a bad mood and made them strike out?

Or take last night, when Giants batter Pedro Feliz walked out to "Master of Puppets".

Master of Puppets? That song came out over 20 years ago. It's hardcore 80s speed metal. It's also a really good song if you can get past the cocaine and death references, but still. I find it hard to believe that AT&T Park's audio tech threw out "Master of Puppets" for no better reason than that the track just happened to be laying around. Or did he? Do batters have better things to think about than their at-bat song? I have no idea. Do you have any idea?

Bonus points if you're actually a major league baseball player, because I also have some questions about your uniforms.


Update: Guess why Wikipedia is the BEST THING EVER?

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Legitimate Questions, Part One

When a book sells enough copies to earn a place on the New York Times Best-Seller List, it's really on one of several different lists. The bestsellers are first categorized by type of book (children's books, business, advice, etc.), then ranked. I'm telling you this because I just learned it myself. Until today I had always imagined one grand master list, impenetrable to all but the world's greatest writers. Turns out there can be like nine "New York Times #1 Bestseller!!!!" claims at the same time without anybody technically lying.

Let's stick with two obvious lists: hardcover fiction and paperback fiction. Here's my question: since hardcovers precede paperbacks as a rule, would it be right to assume that the paperback best-seller list will not actually include new releases? Or are some books never printed in hardcover, and instead shoot to the top of the paperback heap? Or is the paperback best-seller list just an extension of the hardcover best-seller list once the publisher stops printing the expensive versions?

These, I believe, are legitimate questions.

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Seek and Destroy

What can I say - I was once a hardcore Metallica fan. In third grade. My song/blog title is kind of misleading, actually, but "seek" is the closest I could come to "search", and I'm going to talk about searching in this post. Whatevs. It's early and I need about 4 more quarts of caffeine before I achieve coherence. Yes, I realize that 11 a.m. is not really very early to the rest of the world. Thanks for pointing that out, Einstein, but you're way off-topic. Moving on...

I've gotten a handful of innocent emails recently from folks looking for old Windows tips or Downloads of the Day (articles I used to write in conjunction with TechTV segments), or just cool stuff I used to file away in the "Web/Tech" category of this site. They're all legitimate inquiries, since recently I removed category displays from my main page, effectively rendering all future searches through the archives as useless as a day spent finding a needle in a haystack. I didn't do it on purpose - I just really thought that nobody cared about learning how to add custom images to their Windows XP Start button anymore. Obviously, I was wrong. So I've added a new search function below my Archives list in the left-hand column on this page. It seems to work pretty well so far. You're welcome.

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