This Week in FUN - hibernatin'

Wanted to update everybody regarding This Week in FUN, the weekly show I do with my BFF Martin Sargent on the TWiT network each week. If you’re a fan of the show, the following probably isn’t going to make you happy, but if you hate us and think we’re the devil’s spawn (thx for the emails, btw, I absolutely adore being compared to Satan, best compliment ever), this will probably make your night:

TWiF is going on hiatus!

Here’s why - as many of you already know, Martin started his new rockstar job this week, which is awesome… and has also severely limited his free time to do things such as shooting TWiF on Friday afternoons. It’s totally probable that in time we’ll figure out how to carve out the necessary amount of time each week to restart the show, but at this point, we can’t say exactly when.

We’ve also been contemplating the future of TWiF with Leo and his team ever since the show had to switch gears in October, when I lost my driver’s license and was unable to drive to Petaluma to shoot the show in person. Netcams are great and all, but the overall quality of the show has suffered, and as a result, so have our viewership numbers. Because of the way TWiT is set up and because my hands are tied, it makes sense not to continue with a less than stellar product, for us and for you.

So we’re going dark for a bit. Hopefully we’ll resurface sooner than later. I love you all and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. If I could bake a cake that showed how much I appreciate your support, it would be the BIGGEST CAKE EVER, SO BIG OMG SO BIG. SO. BIG. 

I hate saying this, but… stay tuned. If you have any great ideas or wisdom to share with us in the meantime, here’s the place. God save the Queen.

Tengo mucho identities. Pass it on.

I've been meaning to update you (yes, you!) on all of my current projects, as there are many and I haven't been the best at keeping everyone in the loop here. The reason I know this is because on an almost daily basis I get emails and tweets from people of seemingly normal intelligence who don't know where I'm working, what I'm up to, or even how to find me online. I'm not going to go into why I think that's a little weird, since I'm the first result in a Google search for "Sarah Lane", "Sara Lane", "Sar Lane", "Shara Lane", and my personal favorite "Sarah Lame", to name a few. Instead, I'll just list my projects here (in order of inception because I love them all equally).


This Week in FUN

In December 2008, my friend Martin Sargent and I, both unemployed, had a lot of free time on our hands and decided to create a weekly show called "This Week in FUN" (AKA "TWiF") on the TWiT netcast network. It started out as a little experiment when our friend Leo went to France for a couple weeks and left us his facility and resources. Leo had recently given me an intensive Tricaster/mixer/etc. lesson, so I felt comfortable running the technical side of things. Since the TWiT network is so heavy on technical content, we thought a talk radio-style show about silly internet stories might be a fun diversion for TWiT's legions of fans. It was also nothing more than a fancy live stream... miss the stream, miss the show. No downloadable/subscribable anything.

Turns out, people really seemed to enjoy TWiF and we quickly realized that the live stream was great, but too limiting for many folks' schedules. Around episode 12, Leo and his team made TWiF an official TWiT netcast, meaning that along with our weekly live stream, we also started offering on-demand audio versions of the show.

We just taped our 20th episode of TWiF, and I'm really proud of the progress we've made. What started out as a bit of a joke has turned into a really fun project with a ton of really cool, dedicated fans who interact with us all over the internet. Coming soon: video downloads.



In late January, net@night co-host Amber McArthur asked me to fill in for her on the show during her impending maternity leave, which I was thrilled to do since I 1) wasn't working full-time yet and 2) already loved the show, which centered around everything internet-related (my THANG). I co-hosted four episodes with Leo and had a ton of fun. Once Amber was ready to come back, she and Leo asked me to remain on net@night as a regular contributor and I was elated to be a permanent part of the team. Now, you can watch me live every week talking about my favorite new internet toy, or listen at your leisure!



In mid-February, I joined the team at Current full-time as an online producer in the news department. The Current management was awesomely accommodating of my outside projects and even allowed me to start/leave early on Fridays to give me time to keep hosting TWiF (an hour's drive away from San Francisco in Petaluma, CA). Meanwhile, in my new position at Current I was enjoying learning a whole 'nother level of web metrics I had never really focused on in all of my past TV/production work. I also was making new friends! Really cool ones!

In early May, I was offered (and accepted!) the opportunity to move into an ideal role as the sole manager of's tech channel, which had amazing potential but had been sorely neglected in the past without anyone at the helm full-time. The tech channel is an utterly perfect fit for a tech news/app/service/gadget junkie like me and I'm pumped to make it an amazing destination for tech stories, videos, tutorials, conversation, and community. If you haven't poked around on and gotten familiar with it yet, please do. Don't hesitate to give me your honest feedback on what you like about it and what you want to see changed or added, because I'm not interested in making Current Tech a super place for me, I'm interested in making it a super place for as many people as possible. I also have some rather lofty, ambitious goals for the channel that both frighten and excite me, but also seem like the right next steps. As soon as I can tell you about them, I will. Video is involved. :)

If you're still reading this, you must really be interested in my professional life and for that I thank you a thousand times! I'm not going to actually write out "thank you" 1000 times here, but rest assured I'm saying it in my head. Perhaps even in Spanish. Now you're really truly up to speed.

Just another day at the TWiT cottage

I love working with the TWiT team, especially on days like the one below, when Brian Brushwood helped Leo Laporte eat fire for the first time. Yep.

(Watch in HD)

Here's the This Week in TECH episode associated with these shenanigans. I've been by more than a few folks that it's their favorite TWiT episode ever, which is a really big compliment. :)

And of course, if you haven't already, you should subscribe to my other show, This Week in FUN, where my buddy Martin Sargent and I wax inappropriate for roughly an hour every week! Oh, and if you want to watch us record the show live, you can! Just tune into every Friday at 3 pm Pacific time. Good times!

This Week in FUN: big news!

Hey, have you heard the good word? This Week in Fun is an official podcast, and we have you to thank. Thanks!

Q: What do I do if I haven't done anything yet?

A: Excellent question!

Subscribe to the series here (don't worry, back episodes will be added ASAP) : TWiF:

Or click the image below to subscribe via iTunes:

As of this blog post date, we're #25 on iTunes Top Podcasts, which is pretty freaking awesome.

To all those who watch our live stream every Friday at 3 pm Pacific, don't worry, we're still live and direct! It's just that if you can't make the time, you can download the file and listen at your leisure. Oh, and video is 100% on the way. Audio's just the beginning. Great news all around.

Thanks to everyone who's supported Martin and me thus far (especially Leo and the TWiT team who help us do our thing every week... you guys are the best).

This Week in Fun Episode 11!

Had a great time with Martin via Skype and our in-studio guest, Lisa Bettany!

Solid show all around. The best part? Talking to Leo after we were done with the "show" about making TWiF a full-fledged audio podcast NEXT WEEK, with video on the way! Hooray! Patience is a virtue. I'm so grateful to work with such a bunch of fabulous nerds.

Click the image below for the full video, + behind-the-scenes goodness!

I love the interactivity of the chat room(s) when we're live, but I also want to bring you guys into the show in other ways. Post any cool ideas in the comments, and we'll start playing on next week's show!

Want to catch up on previous TWiF episodes? Hop over to the archives.

This Week in Fun Episode 10!

My goodness, I can't believe we've already had our tenth episode anniversary! It's a beautiful thing. Martin wasn't able to be in studio this time around, but I think it worked out pretty well via Skype. Enjoy the magic, plus some behind-the-scenes setup beforehand!

Click on the image below for a link to the full video. Remember, we shoot live every Friday at 3 PM Pacific at Join us and chat!

This Week in FUN Episode 8!

Sadly, the beginning of the show wasn't captured this week, and that's a bummer as this was my favorite episode thus far. Rest assured you only missed a few minutes, but I'm sorry in advance. However, we're capturing everything from the TWiT cottage as we record and it does exist in hi-rez, somewhere. I'm so thankful to the folks for helping us out, but I think we all agree it's time to take this show to the next level.

I've spoken to Leo about this and he's working on a solution, but it might take a few weeks. So, here's what you can do to help speed up the process: write to leoATleovilleDOTcom or on Twitter at @leolaporte and let him know you want to see us make TWiF a full-length, downloadable, subscribable show. We the community can make magic happen!

For now, enjoy TWiF 8 by clicking on the image below for the full video. Hurrah!

If you haven't already, check out all of our previous TWiF episodes in the "This Week in Fun" category archive!

TWiF Theme Song Showdown!

On Friday's episode of TWiF, Martin and I played (and danced to) our very first TWiF theme song submission. Gotta say, it was pretty rad. Today I received what I consider the first worthy challenger, totally different but also pretty rad. At this point, I think it's only fair to let you all choose who advances to the next round. TWiF is a democracy, after all. Or something like that.

CHAMP: TWiF by GabeMcG

CHALLENGER: TWiF by Stewart Peck

Post your favorite in the comments section. Winner takes all. Oh, and if you think you can beat both these songs, post a link to your effort in the comments section or email me.

This WEEK in FUN Episode 7!

Good news... Leo's actively working on getting sponsors for TWiF and we're going to offer the show (complete with back episodes) on the TWiT network very soon. Hurrah!!

Click the image below for the full video, pre-show gossip and all!

Oh, and I love our new theme song, but I'm willing to have a musical TWiF-off. Can you beat it? WELL CAN YOU, PUNK?

This WEEK in FUN episode 6!

You asked for it (well, some of you anyway), so here's the latest TWiF: Ep 6! Click the image below for the full video. As always, thanks to the folks at for posting the video. Also, I hope you're enjoying my screen captures. Man, I make some hideous faces, don't I? Keeps me young. :)

And now, a request. Martin, Leo, and I want very much to make TWiF a regular show, with sponsors, downloadable video if you miss it, an RSS feed, the works. The only thing that holds us back is a lack of resources. The TWiT folks are really busy with their current shows, but we're trying to figure out a good solution. Although linking you to the above video is definitely better than nothing, it's time we step things up a notch (and take the pressure off of to do the work for us!). If you're enjoying the show, let us know, will ya? And thanks to everyone who's written in already!

THIS WEEK in FUN Episode 4!

I feel like Martin and I are really starting to hit our stride, plus it's always a bonus to have Leo chime in during the show. Oh, and if you're unfamiliar with Tweet Beat, it's a little game we used to play when I was a guest on Martin and Jay Speiden's show, Internet Superstar. Those were some days, I tell ya!

Let me know how you're liking TWiF so far! Likes, dislikes, how much you hate Martin's sex offender glasses, etc. All of our previous TWiF episodes can be found in my "This Week in Fun" archives.

THIS WEEK in FUN Episode 3!

As I promised on Twitter, here's video from Martin's and my latest episode of THIS WEEK in FUN (TWiF). Click the image below for the full video.

Sarah Lane & Martin Sargent: TWiF 3

Leo and the TWiT team don't have the resources to edit and host our TWiF episodes just yet, so the awesome folks at have been archiving them for us. The only problem is that the start/stop time of the show is a little off since we got going later than expected and weren't telling anyone exactly when to hit "record". I'll figure out a way to rectify that in future shows.

But here's the good news: we've gotten so much positive feedback and requests for more, regular episodes of TWiF that we're going to try to bring the show to you on a weekly basis, starting this Friday, January 30th, at 3 PM PST at! Set your calendars, bitches! And hey, thanks for the support! I'm really pleased with the response so far.

For those of you who can't tune in to watch the live feed (which is ideal, but not always possible), I'll work on some sort of external harddrive>video transfer>show post method for TWiF 4. Suggestions are welcome!

Want to check out other TWiF episodes?

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Pre-TWiF Tricasting session with Leo

This WEEK in FUN

Recently I posted a video of my friend and colleague Leo Laporte teaching me how to operate his Tricaster setup in the TWiT cottage. It was a complicated (and humbling!) tutorial.

Leo gave me his blessing to "take over" the cottage while he takes a much-needed vacation over the holidays - a generous offer, considering my limited knowledge of the Tricaster. But one that I could not refuse. So my old pal Martin Sargent and I decided to have a little fun!

My friends, I present to you... This WEEK in FUN #1 (shoot date 12/18/08):

But wait, there's more! Martin and I had so much FUN with TWiF #1 that we decided to shoot another "show." (what can I say... we love to hear ourselves talk)

Keeping in mind that the actual "show" doesn't start until roughly one-third of the way in, my friends, I present to you... This WEEK in FUN #2 with bonus guest: the lovely and talented DemoGirl! (shoot date 12/21/08):

Big thanks to the folks at for hosting these files!