Tengo mucho identities. Pass it on.

I've been meaning to update you (yes, you!) on all of my current projects, as there are many and I haven't been the best at keeping everyone in the loop here. The reason I know this is because on an almost daily basis I get emails and tweets from people of seemingly normal intelligence who don't know where I'm working, what I'm up to, or even how to find me online. I'm not going to go into why I think that's a little weird, since I'm the first result in a Google search for "Sarah Lane", "Sara Lane", "Sar Lane", "Shara Lane", and my personal favorite "Sarah Lame", to name a few. Instead, I'll just list my projects here (in order of inception because I love them all equally).


This Week in FUN

In December 2008, my friend Martin Sargent and I, both unemployed, had a lot of free time on our hands and decided to create a weekly show called "This Week in FUN" (AKA "TWiF") on the TWiT netcast network. It started out as a little experiment when our friend Leo went to France for a couple weeks and left us his facility and resources. Leo had recently given me an intensive Tricaster/mixer/etc. lesson, so I felt comfortable running the technical side of things. Since the TWiT network is so heavy on technical content, we thought a talk radio-style show about silly internet stories might be a fun diversion for TWiT's legions of fans. It was also nothing more than a fancy live stream... miss the stream, miss the show. No downloadable/subscribable anything.

Turns out, people really seemed to enjoy TWiF and we quickly realized that the live stream was great, but too limiting for many folks' schedules. Around episode 12, Leo and his team made TWiF an official TWiT netcast, meaning that along with our weekly live stream, we also started offering on-demand audio versions of the show.

We just taped our 20th episode of TWiF, and I'm really proud of the progress we've made. What started out as a bit of a joke has turned into a really fun project with a ton of really cool, dedicated fans who interact with us all over the internet. Coming soon: video downloads.



In late January, net@night co-host Amber McArthur asked me to fill in for her on the show during her impending maternity leave, which I was thrilled to do since I 1) wasn't working full-time yet and 2) already loved the show, which centered around everything internet-related (my THANG). I co-hosted four episodes with Leo and had a ton of fun. Once Amber was ready to come back, she and Leo asked me to remain on net@night as a regular contributor and I was elated to be a permanent part of the team. Now, you can watch me live every week talking about my favorite new internet toy, or listen at your leisure!



In mid-February, I joined the team at Current full-time as an online producer in the news department. The Current management was awesomely accommodating of my outside projects and even allowed me to start/leave early on Fridays to give me time to keep hosting TWiF (an hour's drive away from San Francisco in Petaluma, CA). Meanwhile, in my new position at Current I was enjoying learning a whole 'nother level of web metrics I had never really focused on in all of my past TV/production work. I also was making new friends! Really cool ones!

In early May, I was offered (and accepted!) the opportunity to move into an ideal role as the sole manager of Current.com's tech channel, which had amazing potential but had been sorely neglected in the past without anyone at the helm full-time. The tech channel is an utterly perfect fit for a tech news/app/service/gadget junkie like me and I'm pumped to make it an amazing destination for tech stories, videos, tutorials, conversation, and community. If you haven't poked around on current.com/tech and gotten familiar with it yet, please do. Don't hesitate to give me your honest feedback on what you like about it and what you want to see changed or added, because I'm not interested in making Current Tech a super place for me, I'm interested in making it a super place for as many people as possible. I also have some rather lofty, ambitious goals for the channel that both frighten and excite me, but also seem like the right next steps. As soon as I can tell you about them, I will. Video is involved. :)

If you're still reading this, you must really be interested in my professional life and for that I thank you a thousand times! I'm not going to actually write out "thank you" 1000 times here, but rest assured I'm saying it in my head. Perhaps even in Spanish. Now you're really truly up to speed.

net@night Episode 93!

Hey all, some good news in the world of net@night: although Amber has taken the reigns back after a bit of maternity leave, she and Leo have asked me to be a part of the show on a weekly basis! Pretty cool. I know I owe it to all of you who sent in really positive feedback during the episodes I guest-hosted. Thanks!

I'm thrilled about staying with the show because 1) net@night is 100% my content forte, a dream show really, and 2) Amber and Leo are two of the best people I could ask to hang out with and talk about the web on a regular basis.

Here's this week's show (complete with a guest appearance from the lovely iJustine). I hop in right after the CoverItLive interview, just past the halfway mark. Leo likes to make it seem like i'm just *dying* to get in on the show, even though they told me to call at a specific time and then didn't pick up. :) Click on the image below for the full video (I couldn't resist this screen cap... see how gaga I am over Amber?)

Check out my other net@night appearances in the archives!

net@night episode 90

Darn, the top of this video is cut off too. I guess if you love the show (why wouldn't you) and you want to hear it every week (of course you do), and you don't mind audio-only (you could just look at pictures of me and Leo... same thing-ish?), just subscribe to net@night for the entire transcript!

For now, enjoy this episode, where I do my best Violet Beauregarde impression. Just click on the image below for the full video.

When you're done, don't cry.. just check out my previous net@night episodes in the archives!

net@night episode 89

Great show, complete with appearances by Amber Macarthur and Fark.com's Drew Curtis!

Click the image below for the full video. Oh, and before you say anything- yes, I realize I'm horizontally stretched out and vaguely resemble both the emperor from Star Wars and a hippo. But the screen grab is otherwise quite lovely, no?

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net@night episode 87!

Recently I got an email from Amber Macarthur asking me if I wouldn't mind filling in for her for a few weeks on net@night, the weekly internet-centric program she hosts with Leo Laporte. The reason? She was just days away from giving birth to her son, Connor, and (rightly) figured her free time would be compromised juuuuust a tad.

I was happy to oblige because I 1) love net@night, and 2) respect Amber's work a lot. We obviously have a ton in common and I find many similarities in our respective career paths. Isn't it funny that we've never actually met in person?

Click on the image below for the full video, or visit net@night's website for an mp3 version, plus links to everything we talked about in the show. It was a huge pleasure to talk to this episode's guest, David Allen, author of "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity". (You can thank David for all those "GTD" references people makes nowadays!)

I'm excited to co-host next week's net@night, too! Please tune in! Oh, and isn't the above frame grab cute? It's like Leo and I are looking at each other, even though we were about 50 miles apart - he in his cottage, and me on my bed!