The Best Week Ever

Some pics from Verana, the closest I've ever been to paradise:

Dscn0032_1Every morning as the sun rose over the jungle, tea and muffins were delivered to our patio. Sometimes Verana's resident feline, Max, would stop by and ask for cream before following us down the hill for breakfast.

Dscn0095On a day trip to the Marietas Islands, we were lucky enough to run across a family of blue-footed boobies, rare birds usually seen only in the Galapagos Islands, and some humpback whales on our way back to the mainland.

Dscn0119Anyone up for a strenuous afternoon of book reading, fishing boat watching, and cerveza sipping? Me too! I read three novels in seven days.

Dscn0168Our dinner chef, Fabian, unveiled a taco feast you'd have to see to believe. All meals were included in our stay at Verana, and every single dish was outstanding. I can't say enough about how well we ate, though I'm not sure I should have polished off all those desserts (14, to be exact).

Dscn0194_1Ok, just tell me this doesn't look romantic! Actually, all the houses were pretty open to the elements, so a hanging net kept the mosquitoes, scorpions and bats from sharing our nightly abode. We never really had a problem, but better safe than sorry in the jungle.

Dscn0221See our Stone House? We blended right in with nature. All the houses at Verana are very, very unique and have their own special perks, but I loved ours the best. We even named our bat.

Dscn0143A little vino at dusk, overlooking the pool, overlooking the Pacific. Not too shabby, my friends. Remind me again why I need a computer?

Now we're officially into 2005 and it's back to work in a couple days. As you can imagine, I'm dragging my feet juuuuust a tad. Hope this marks the beginning of a wonderful new year for all of us, and here's to sticking to our resolutions.

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Photo Phun

I know it's time for a new post, but it's been a long day and I'm all out of witty prose. As a consolation prize, I offer you a glimpse into my strange and wonderous pics folder. You never know what you'll find inside!

8_1 Vanessa sitting on my old steps at Turk Street.

Bobbysarahnookie Happy days for the kids in the old nook.

295449babyfoofoo The best picture of Dan, ever.

Sarahheatherpimpshit Girls and good mojo.

Toohip4u Marty when he still reminded us of Tom Green.

W_and_s Me and my #1 valentine.

This concludes today's edition of photo phun. For dessert, we will be serving pumpkin cheesecake.

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There's No Place Like Home.

Don't let the title fool you- I really could have used another week or two. Man, do vacations rule! Kevin and I each took about 500 pictures- put 'em together and we've got a TON of frozen memories. And a few cool videos, too- one featuring an Irish burro eagerly devouring the apple we offered out the window as a peace offering. My Nikon held up. More on that during our Digital Cam War Finale on Monday's TSS.

It was a truly wonderful journey through the U.K. and Republic of Ireland. I'm too jet lagged and hungry to say much more, but rest assured I'll be writing a novella after a night or two of hibernation. For now, enjoy a few pics!

From London's ferris wheel we marvel at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament:


My Mirror Project obsession produces a fine piece at the local laundrette:


Chillin above Ireland's Cliffs of Moher:


A nice little beach along the Ring of Kerry:


I hear my bed calling me. It's been terribly neglected and I must try to salvage our friendship. More pics and stories to come!

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"I Heart My New Nikon," by Sarah Lane

I've been loving my new Nikon 5400 digital beauty up and down the block in our first week together. Man, I don't know how I'll even get through all the features before I get to Europe! I'd go through all the features, but if you care enough to muddle through the specs I think they say it better than me. Now, I have issues with flashed pics. Yeah they keep everything crisp and clear, but they often sterilize the scene. The 5400 has about five million different flashless options for a clarity snubber like me. I think I'm in love!

Girl falls for DJ:


The Union closes in on the Confederates:


Foo Foo tears it up:


A lovely spot for a haircut and a Corona:


Warm hearts in a red room:


I have to start packing! I'll be en route in less than 24 hours! Good god!

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Fun For the Whole Family.

So in the interest of keeping you all entertained, I'm forgoing my usual thoughtful, witty blog commentary for some fun Internet tasks.

Mission #1: First person who figures out the URL to my test page and posts it in my comments section gets a Lifetime Achievement Award! It's not my finest effort, so try to look past that. (You'll know if you're right)

Mission #2:
Take this quiz to find out how long you have. Then go hug someone.

Mission #3: Find out what Googlisms are associated with you. And although I'm open 5 days a week, don't think you can stay a minute past 2 am! Closing up the doors and let you out into the world...

And for those of you who write me wanting pics, I have obeyed. Please send treats.

Luther has great taste in reading material:


A small child once tried to steal my mango:


Kevin's handwriting is funny sometimes:


In closing, is there anything tastier than leftover Indian food? I didn't think so.

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Look Who's Talking

I'm about to admit something very random. I hate it when real babies and animals talk with adult voices in movies.

  • Bruce Willis as the baby in "Look Who's Talking" - absolutely creepy. Babies aren't middle aged, balding men. Horrible.
  • Those e-greetings that got sent around online a couple months ago with the baby singing about what goes on in his diapers... adult voice again. Unforgivable.

Now, I don't mind animated characters having adult voices, because there's no option for them to use their "real voice," with one exception:

  • Garfield's voice when the cartoon got animated. Very Ben Stein sounding. Ruined Garfield for life. Who's with me?

There are a million other examples of this nightmarish practice. Personally, I think babies and animals should just use their own voices. So what if it's not English?

Moving right along... Santa Barbara was fun! And hot! I'm consistently amazed every time I visit that kids at UCSB get anything done. Both Friday and Saturday nights I slept through about a dozen house parties coming from our block. Long live earplugs. The nice thing about looking young, though, is that I fit in with the masses fine. It's like I can relive college parties again without seeming like that lame older kid who can't move on and get a job. I can probably keep this up till I'm 35 (yeah that's a little too lame).

The weeks are peeling away until my big vacay! I've decided to leave my fabulous Nikon SLR at home, and instead pack light. The last time I was in Europe my Nikon really weighed me down, even though the pics it took were amazing. So, I'm leaving all the lenses at home and going digital! Still have yet to figure out which cool, new camera I'll bring along, but I'll certainly put it to the test, and let you know how it held up.

The garbage men woke me up at 4:45 am this morning, like they do every Monday morning. I'm convinced they're trying to upset me. It's working, guys! Two thumbs up!

I also have 2 baby pigeons living in a nest in a little corner of the roof right outside my bedroom window. Pigeon babies don't look anything like adult pigeons. Really fuzzy and sweet. I was really annoyed when I discovered the nest, because I don't need any more feathered friends hanging out at Casa Lane. But I can't say no to those little beaks. Sigh. Let's hope they learn to fly out of the city and make a nice home in the redwoods.

I've always blamed my parents for my poor fashion sense as a child. My mom always says, "You wouldn't let us dress you so we just let you wear whatever you wanted." I like the Run-DMC sweats, but I'm pretty sure I didn't pick this haircut.


Happy week!

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8 Weeks to Optimum Health

I'm in the middle of a health regimen. I do this every now and then, when I realize my body's full potential to be a great little machine. It's a cycle through which I'm constantly going...exercise, yoga, veggies, smoky bars, vodka tonics, late nights, wait what happened?

See, nightlife and late-night pizza is the easy route. It's fun, it's easy to do, lots of laughs and stories the next day... but my pockets are always empty and my head often hurts. Shades down till noon, no trips to the gym, you get the idea. Ick.

So I'm back in health mode. And nothing gets me in health mode better than my favorite book, "Eight Weeks to Optimum Health," by Dr. Andrew Weil. I love this guy. He's a Harvard educated physician who leans toward homeopathic remedies where they apply. And the truth is, they apply all over the place. "8 Weeks" isn't a diet like the Zone or the Atkins. It's a way of eating, sleeping, breathing, walking, living, etc. that's as pure and natural as possible. He dispels a bunch of myths about dieting. It's not about deprivation, it's about knowing what's good and bad for you.

I'll admit this isn't easy for me. I have a HUGE sweet tooth! I LOVE candy and things that contain hydrogenated oils, mmmmm. Why do they have to taste so delightful? But knowing how detrimental bad food can be helps a lot. That's why I pick up "8 Weeks" on a regular basis, just to remind myself I don't have to eat through impulses and urges. And not to freak too much if I cheat, just to understand and reaffirm what my goals are.

Top 10 things I know I don't need so I daydream about instead:

1. Wheat Thins with cheese on top- a whole box
2. Oreos and other Nabisco treats
3. Peanut M&Ms
4. Cool Ranch Doritos (my favorite beach food)
5. Mozzarella sticks
6. Mother's brand sandwich cookies
7. Peanut Butter & Chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins
8. Baby Ruth candy bars
9. Home Run pies (I know, it's utterly shameful)
10. That third glass of vino

Been doing pretty well so far, except last night Bobby and I split an Icee at the movies and then shared a pint of Chubby Hubby. Oops. Today is a new day!

Today's pic comes from Chico, CA. I was 18 and my friend Jessa and I got our first tattoos on a whim in between frat parties. We were sooooo proud! My dad was not. sarahjessatattoo.bmp

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Naysayers R Us

So I've learned a lot about how people act when you start up a blog. For example, if they don't like something you said, or they just don't like you, they'll post it in the comments section. And that's ok, because blogs aren't all about rosy flowers and praise and happy times. It's a forum for discussion... and as a new member of the on-air world, my skin thickens with each passing day.

But then you get the weird anonymous posts that are either 1) lewd, 2) mean, or 3) misleading.

1) Lewd is lame, and it's either underage boys, green-eyed monsters, or just lonely adults looking for some online fire. The third scenario is clearly the worst. Might I suggest a nice run on the beach?

2) Mean is just, well, mean. Who wants mean people around? I don't. And I know you don't.

3) But what really gets me is the dude that posts in the comments section as ME, and says things I would never say, just to upset my readers. What a bummer. There's really nothing I can do, because I said at the beginning of this little blog project that I wouldn't resort to turning off comments. I really like your comments, and I read them religiously. But what I can do is refrain from posting in the comments section at all. That way, if there's something posted by me, you can rest assured it wasn't me. I'll try to stay on top of taking out the other crap too. You guys don't deserve to read that shit when you come to my house.

Ok, now that we've cleared that up... here's my pic of the day (from my favorites vault). I really don't understand this one, or remember it for that matter. Long live the SarahCam! blah.jpg

I'm also trying to figure out if certain food consumption before bed increases instances of vivid dreams. I dream abundantly every night, but sometimes they're bad dreams. Aside from the obvious stress culprit, I think it might be what I'm eating. Thoughts?

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I crave a tuna melt like never before.

So Kevin and I were just talking about our shared love for tuna melts. More specifically, the tuna melts they make over at the New York Street Cafe, which is half a block from our TechTV studios. For some reason, these tuna melts take an exceptionally long time to make (15 minutes of salivation is just unnecessary, don't you think?), but oh, the reward is so very satisfying.

Now, because of our conversation, I must have a tuna melt before I wither up and die right here. Hold the onions, please.

I've gone back and forth from love to hate and back again with the local restaurants and cafes around our offices and studios. Inside our main office building is a basic run-o-da-mill breakfast/lunch cafe called Cafe Moda. When I first started working here, I was totally dependent on Moda to keep me alive, for I had absolutely no time to actually venture BEYOND my building for nourishment.

Problem with captive audience cafes like this is everything inside them is too expensive. I grew to like Moda less and less. $6.00 for half a spinach salad? Hell no, I won't pay! And I didn't want anyone else to either. So I founded a company-wide protest group, TSAM (TechTV Staffers Against Moda). Many joined, but quickly fell from TSAM grace as their bellies ached and clocks ticked. TSAM is now officially on review with the Board of Directors because of insider trading (yes, I crossed the picket line. I was so hungry!). So, Moda's back. I love spinach salads. Whatever.

Then there's the NYSC across from the studios. They, too, have what I consider to be ridiculous prices when it comes to simple avocado sandwiches. For a good month, I refused to enter their premises. I chose instead to live off the soda crackers and Cup-o-Soups stocked inside our studio kitchen. But slowly as my body began to eat itself in protest of salt-in-a-cup snacks, I gathered up my pride and slithered back to NYSC for an avocado sandwich. Now, I'm in there almost every day. Sometimes for just a sumptuous peanut butter cookie, other times to devour the mighty tuna melt. Today is all about the latter.

So anyway, I think the moral of my story is that I'm weak and lazy and choose to spend my hard-earned $$ rather than pack a lunch. But I'd like to think I'm also paying homage to my local cafe. I don't know... I'm just really hungry and I need a f***ing tuna melt before I freak out.

Today's pic clearly represents my endless enthusiasm for my job, and of course the nook game we like to call "King of the Hill. " Two people stand on the edge of the nook. They push each other till someone falls. The winner does a little dance. I'm really good at this game.


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Today's Word is Apoplectic.

My boss, Paul Block, wrote that on the whiteboard in my cube. I had to look it up. Then I had to wonder why he was experiencing apoplexy. But isn't that a great word? I consider myself an officer of the grammar police, but I'm constantly humbled by how many words I've never uttered before.

Here's another one (let the uttering commence!):
- A yellow-brown to black or green hydrocarbon wax, found in irregular veins in sandstones and used in making electrical insulation and polishes.

I'd also like to bring back an exclamation whose popularity seems to have waned sometime before I was making exclamations: "Egad!" That just makes me laugh. Next time you're surprised, please exclaim that.

Moving right along, does anyone out there have credit card debt? Yeah, me too. I've had a nice big chunk of it since my college days, when I signed up for the now defunct "Webmiles" credit card. Oh, I could go into the whole thing, but let's just say I was young and naive. At the time, web-based miles seemed tres cool. What Internet bubble? Funny how when companies go out of business, miles disappear. And I was buying everything from gas to groceries on that thing. Silly girl.

Anyway, I'm almost done picking away at my credit card debt. I eagerly await the month when I can run free through the daisies and have money for things like DSL and more RAM!! Stupid credit card.

My favorite words to date:

My least favorite words:
Sleuth (I have taken issue with it ever since my Nancy Drew days, it was written at least once in every book)
Arachnophobia (I have this phobia, the word itself reminds me of spiders, there is nothing good about it, all bad)
Phlegm (spelling is all over the map and I got sick typing it) Today's pic is my best impression of a flippant, yet thirsty, lady:


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Am I a Thief?

Last Thursday in my "Blog Report" I showed people how to view source code and copy and paste stylesheets to make their own blog styles cooler. I've since updated my article to make it MORE clear that stealing isn't ok and you need to know what consequences may arise if you do rip stuff off. I still encourage people to play around, but yeah, don't steal beyond experimenting unless you get permission. Thanks to the few folks that wrote me...yes, I know my morals are lacking, but I'll clean 'em up a little for the show. :)

Boy, being on-air is a really interesting experience. Sometimes I really feel like I came across well, and someone will criticize me from left field. Other times, I come away from my segments feeling like I coulda done a lot better, and I'll get some really cool praise in reponse. It's hard to always know. For now, what's most important to me is sharing cool shiiiat with the TSS audience. I'll continue to do that and hope you guys like it. Today's pic is from a trip to Tahoe with the boyz (Prager's cabin is par-TEEEEEE central!)


Here's a little quiz. I hope you ace it. It's for your own good. Hope your week's kickin off well....

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It's Friday and I'm ecstatic...

...and not really because I have a lot planned this weekend. Just want to kick up me little tootsies and have some tea.

So... in a couple of hours I'm off to interview Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond), both voices for Pixar's new digital masterpiece, "Finding Nemo." I'm a huge fan of Pixar's work and I actually liked this movie even more than "A Bug's Life." And last night, I was lucky enough to be the first of a handful of journalists to view the movie inside Pixar's private screening room. Steve Jobs was there to welcome us and thank us all for coming. No prob, Steve- and thanks for dinner! Really entertaining movie, INCREDIBLE spfx, adorable for kids, but some of that adult humor too. Two thumbs up!

I also gotta say that Pixar's facilities kick major ass. What an awesome place to work! And here's a nice little touch- once the lights go down in the theater, twinkling lights appear on the ceiling, very planetarium... and then if you watch closely, you see a few shooting stars. Love it.

I'm heading up north to see my parents tonight. I can't wait to get on the couch and revert back to junior high again. Do you know that my mother made me breakfast every day of my life until I went off to college? Even if I slept in and missed breakfast, it would still be sitting there. It's amazing the cats never ate it. Anyway, three cheers for mom!

My favorite breakfast foods (pre-college):
1. Top Ramen
2. Cheese quesadillas
3. Grapefruit

My favorite breakfast foods (in college):
1. Mac n Cheese (leftover)
2. Top Ramen
3. Pizza (leftover, reheated in the toaster oven, microwave made it rubbery)

My favorite breakfast foods (present day):
1. Fruit smoothie (homemade, no Jamba Juice!)
2. Toast and cottage cheese
3. V8 and a banana

Good god, I may actually be growing up.

Today's pic requires no explanation:

Have yourself a merry little weekend.

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I've Had Too Much Tea.

Peet's Coffee & Tea has this delicious blend of loose leaf green tea called "Sencha." It's truly the best tea I've ever had. Nice and smooth, not too flavorful, so you don't get sick of it. And packed with caffeine. Yes, PACKED!

I switched to tea about 5 years ago when I felt coffee was too much of a strain on my system. But my caffeine addiction needed to be fed. So I found Sencha green tea (loose leaf only), and have never looked back. The only problem is the tea leaves are scattered all over my cube at work and scare people from time to time.

Speaking of my cube, my supply of M&Ms, Oreos, and Rice Krispy Treats is slowly dwindling. Thanks to everyone who dutifully sends me SarahCam caps of those who taketh when I'm awayeth! :) Actually, I've been the office hero for a couple weeks ever since I got the candy shipments (thanks Terry), so it's definitely working to my advantage.

I could use some suggestions for how to spice up the cubecam too, so feel free to comment. Sorry, no tiki hut building or fire pits allowed.

Kevin has introduced an ant farm into the offices here at TechTV, and since I just happen to sit next to him, I get to stare at it all day. I've become rather transfixed with the way these little guys build and burrow and work in teams. Very impressive. On the flip side, I now imagine there are ants crawling all over me every time I get an itch. I love my job!

Today's pic is my very favorite CubeCam capture to date (have I mentioned how much I miss Megan?): sarahpeace.jpg


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Vegas and other short stories.

So I just got back from Vegas for my friend Halley's bachelorette party. She's getting married in August and I can't wait! Weddings are fun. I have some pics from the weekend but I need to carefully scan before posting... I wouldn't want to taint my impeccable image. :)

However, there were some things about Vegas that got under my skin. For example, when walking down the Strip, the sidewalks are littered with flyers for various "adult clubs" and other porn entities. Nasty stuff, nothing censored. I guess they've been passed out, dropped, and left as litter. But there are a lot of kids who come to Vegas with their families and walk the Strip with the rest of us. Pretty inappropriate material for a little kid whose eyes are even closer to the ground than mine. Kind of how I feel about porn spam. It should be illegal.

Second, the guys that come to Vegas in large groups (frat dudes, bachelor parties, etc) can be obnoxious as all hell. I know Vegas is a giant playground, but personal space rules still apply, people! I think I've just grown out of the Spring Break mentality. Hey, a little conversation is nice, but just because you're wasted doesn't mean I want to hear about it.

It wasn't all bad, though. I mean, come on. Ten girls in cute outfits out on the town? Fun! But the true highlight of my weekend was the pool at the Bellagio, where we stayed. Actually, I should say pools because there are like five of them. Check it out next time you're there. Saturday was sunny, we were all zonked from Friday night, so under the umbrellas we went to bask in the desert sun, drink bloody marys, and swap magazines. Now that's what I call a good time.

Ok, so now I'm back at work and feeling disconnected. This is turning out to be a hellish week of work, since a few of my staff are going to E3 and I have to pick up more than usual in their absence (moan, groan). Hey, that's what I get in the real world. Suck it up, sister!

Here are a couple pics I love from my collection... now you can love them too...

Me, Halley, and Kerry (X-Play) in Kauai last year:


A really cute cat getting a little drink:


Peace all. Have a kickass Monday!!

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