The New New

Hey! So my big announcement is that I'm joining the team at TechCrunch as Executive Producer of Video. And I've been trying to figure out how to post news about my own little new career chapter without being melodramatic, but I kinda can't figure that part out so I'll just be honest and say I couldn't be more excited about it. Those of you who've either worked with me at some point on TV or online, or even just followed my path over the years, know that I live for video.  And I'm so ready to take it to the next level with a team I already *really* like and respect. I start full-time on Monday, January 12th. 

As for TWiT, don't even get me started about how hard it is to say goodbye to a team I genuinely love. We've built so much and had so many successes over the years running the Internet's true live tech network. Netcasts. Podcasts. Whatever term it is you people will eventually decide on in the year 2045, TWiT does it best, and - if you'll pardon the melodrama - it's an awe-inspiring operation. I'm not really saying goodbye though - we'll still continue iPad Today, and I'll pop in on shows as much as I can. Leo, Lisa, and the entire TWiT staff are my people, and I'll forever have their backs. Leo's always been my mentor, and will always be my friend. Thanks for making it look easy guys, and sorry I ate all the peanut butter pretzels. But I'm really not sorry at all. 

Hope you'll keep up with the next installment of You Can't Kill Me You Will Never Kill Me: The Saga of Sarah Lane, as I start my new chapter. TechCrunch is an industry force and I'm dizzy over all the possibilities. Video time y'all.